A warm welcome to Dolphine-Agency e.U.! Your requirements – our mission!

We provide business development in Central-and South-East-Europe for you and your services:

Germany – Austria- Switzerland

Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia

Serbia – Bulgaria – Romania – Turkey

Dolphine-Agency – Your partner in the ICT market. Founded in 2005 to serve companies, which want to outsource their marketing, sales and also management tasks, in order to advance and push their business in Europe.

Mrs. Heike Saadatpour, owner of the company Dolphine-Agency e.U., holds a university degree (Master of Business Administration) and has been working in the ICT market for more than 24 years, as a product manager, country manager, and regional sales manager and doing strategic business development in Central- and South-East Europe.

Given the long lasting experience, technically as well as sales based, the sales team of Dolphine-Agency, stationed in Graz, provides the following service to international companies:


- Business expansion and development

- Building relationships with partners

- Channel management

- End-customer-support

- Acquisition of new customers

- Building and support of new local sales teams

- Technical planning for projects (presales)